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6.9. Text-To-Speech Accommodation

Text-to-Speech Accommodation

For students who need questions read aloud, such as English language learners, you can enable Text-to-speech tools that appear within the test toolbar. You can enable it for any combination of students in a testing session.


l Spanish tests do not have audio support, and K-2 tests already have embedded audio. l Reading tests don't stop from assigning Text-to-speech, so be careful if your policies prohibit it.

l For questions with text entry, the text a student types will not play.

Required MAP Role: District Proctor or School Proctor

  1. Open Manage Test Sessions.

  2. Setup a testing session, choose a saved one, or click Test My Class. For detailed instructions, see Set Up Testing in MAP on page 4

    Note: If you include students from different grades, you cannot assign the same accommodations to them, so add students one grade level at a time.

  3. Use Assign Test to pre-assign what test each student will take.

  4. With test assignments complete, select one or more students from the list (assuming those

    students share the same grade and accommodation needs).

  5. Click Assign Accommodations.

  6. From the window that appears, find Text-to-speech under either category: Designated Features or Accommodations.

    The only difference is which category will appear in the student’s test records.

    Note: If the option is unavailable, the student might not have an appropriate test assigned (such as Spanish).

  7. Specify which parts of questions you want to be enabled.

For a complete discussion of Text to Speech, accommodations see pages 22 and 23 of the proctor guide

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