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6.7. Tips and Tricks

If the kids see a message on screen (once inside the NWEA app) talking about the resolution not being correct, you can reset the chromebook resolution with a three button combination. 

You have to exit out of the NWEA app and then hold shift+control+0(zero key) - this resets the chromebook resolution making it compatible with NWEA.

To enable the student to continue testing:

The following steps will assist proctors in getting students back into their tests when errors occur. If one step does not resolve the issue, continue to the next step.
  1. Wait for the item to load: During loading of a test question, the system is gathering necessary student and test information (such as previous RIT range, goal information, etc). Some items may take longer to load than others, and thus may appear as a blank or white screen. Waiting a few minutes may resolve this issue.
  2. Refresh the browser: Use the appropriate keyboard shortcut to attempt to reload the item.
  3. Proctor interrupt:
    1. Interrupt the student's test from the student's computer.
    2. Enter the Proctor Pin found in the upper right of the proctor's test session screen.
    3. Select Resume Test.
  4. If the student status is Testing, suspend and test again:
    1. Suspend the student's test from the proctor's computer.
    2. Close the testing browser or app.
    3. Select the student and choose Test Again from the proctor's computer.
    4. Reopen the testing browser or app, and the student should be able to sign in.
  5. If the student status is Confirmed or To Be Confirmed:
    1. Close the testing browser or app.
    2. Select the student and choose Do Not Confirm from the proctor's computer.
    3. Reopen the testing browser or app, and the student should be able to sign in.

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