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1. Internet/Network

2. Google

3. Mac Laptops

3.1. Portable DVD Player Not Working?

Here are a few things to try if you can't get your portable DVD player to work:

  • Are you trying to AirPlay?
    • You cannot AirPlay DVDs, Apple blocks them. You must hardwire in.
  • How to Hardwire in:
    • Find your HDMI cord with the short white/tan DisplayPort adapter (sometimes inside a textured black cord). Plug this into your computer, then change your switcher to the computer channel. You may have to hit "source search" on your projector.
    • If you have a TV: plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the TV and switch the TV input to HDMI. (Kids First building: unplug the orange HDMI cable already in the TV, then plug yours in)
  • How to eject DVD if the button is not working
    • Open your finder (usually bottom left of your screen), or you can press: Option + Command + Space Bar.
    • On the left, you should see your DVD's name. Click the ⏏️ (eject) icon next to it.

3.2. Airplay or sound not working?

Here are a few things to try if you are having AirPlay issues:

  • My projector is a blue screen, but I AirPlayed on my computer:
    • This means you are on the wrong switcher channel and must change it to the Apple TV one (small black box).
    • If that still doesn't work, press the "Source Search" button.
  • I can't see the AirPlay icon on my computer's menu bar:
    • Are you on the JPS Bonjour WiFi network?
    • Are you using a Chromebook? These cannot AirPlay and must be hardwired in for screen sharing.
  • I see the AirPlay icon, but can't find my room number on the list:
    • Go into your Apple TV settings> General>AirPlay>Turn off>Turn on. Then wait a few seconds and check the list again.
    • Unplug The Apple TV, then plug it back in after a few seconds.
  • I click on my room number, but nothing happens:
    • Restart your computer.
    • Unplug The Apple TV, then plug it back in after a few seconds.
  • I can't get sound to play during AirPlay:
    • Is your Lightspeed audio unit on? (the button should have a blue light).
    • Is the volume knob on the Lightspeed unit turned up?
    • Is the volume turned up on your computer?
    • Are your audio output settings set to the Apple TV? (On your computer: click Apple logo in top left, system preferences, sound, output, then select your Apple TV#)
  • Sound system is Echoing 
    • The projector's speaker is probably on. Turn this volume all the way down with the projector remote (speaker icon near the bottom).
  • I can't get my portable DVD player to AirPlay:
    • Apple does not allow AirPlaying of DVDs, so it blocks it. You must hardwire in to screen share DVDs.
  • I've tried all of these, but still can't AirPlay
    • Submit a support ticket and we'll come assist you asap.
    • Most rooms have an option for hardwiring in to share you screen
  • How to Hardwire in:

    • Find your HDMI cord with the short white/tan DisplayPort adapter (sometimes inside a textured black cord). Plug this into your computer, then change your switcher to the computer channel. You may have to hit "source search" on your projector.
    • If you have a TV: plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the TV and switch the TV input to HDMI. (Kids First building: unplug the orange HDMI cable already in the TV, then plug yours in)

3.3. Document Camera Issues?

Here are a few things to try if your document camera isn't working with your computer:

  • Plug camera into the leftmost USB port on your computer.
  • Launch your doc cam app after the camera has been plugged in for a few seconds
  • Run the correct app for your brand of doc cam:
    • Avermedia  Use the Avervision app
    • Hovercam  Use the Hovercam app
    • IPEVO  Use the visualizer app (or you can launch QuickTime>File>new movie recording)
  • You can find the above apps by going to your finder on your computer (usually in the bottom left), then click on Applications, then scroll to find the correct app.

3.4. Google Filestream Update Fix

The Google Filestream app may stop working (freeze) or it may pop up with a window stating that a System Extension is blocked. Please watch the video to resolve this issue. 


3.5. AirPlay Checklist for Kids First Building

All of these must be true for AirPlay to work at Kids First:

  • Your computer is on "Bonjour" WiFi network
  • The TV is on and set to HDMI 1 (press the HDMI button on the silver remote)
  • The Apple TV is awake (press the menu button on the small black remote)
  • If your computer shows an error about AirPlay, restart it and try again

4. Mac Desktops

5. Mac Tips & Tricks

5.1. Clearing Cache in Chrome

Please watch this short video on how to clear your cache and cookies in Google Chrome.

5.2. Clearing Cache in Firefox

Please watch this video on how to clear your cache in Firefox.

5.3. Clearing Cache in Safari

Please watch this short video on clearing cache and cookies in Safari.

5.4. Airplay from your MacBook Air

Here is a video to help you airplay from your  Macbook Air

5.5. Projecting from your laptop at JPS

Here is a video to help you project from your laptop at JPS

5.6. How to create a Shortcut

Apple calls it an alias!

6. Printers and Copiers

6.1. Email error: "Do not have permission" - Set to Black & White printing

If you are getting an error in your email from the copy machine, usually it's because the print settings are not set to black and white mode. Color printing is now restricted unless you have permissions in your account. To change to black and white mode, follow these steps or watch this youtube video:

You can save these changes as a preset so you don't have to do these steps every time:

Then, name the preset "black and white." Now, you just have to select that preset before you print.

6.2. Printing at JPS (for the new system)

Printing at JPS (for the new system)

Here's a quick guide that will help you troubleshoot or setup your printing at JPS. If printing doesn't work, make sure all of these steps are completed.

  1. Make sure you're on the Bonjour WiFi network.

  2. Log in to enterprise connect. To find this app, go to Finder (usually bottom left of screen)> Applications> Enterprise Connect (you may have to scroll down the list a bit)
    • Your username will be the first letter of your first name, followed by your last name (ex: ksmith), similar to your email.
    • Your password is your 4 digit code. (It may ask you to make a new password, and you can do so as long as it has letters and numbers in it)
    • A black key logo with a circle should now appear in the top right area of your screen.

  3. Print to your chosen printer. (ignore steps below if printing to a 5300 machine)
    • If you're printing to a copy machine, select "JPS Ricoh/Canon Follow Me Q" as the printer (Ricoh or Cannon based on the brand of printer). Then, set it to print in black and white, if not, your print job won't go through. To set this up quick, follow this guide.
    • Now go to the copy machine and enter your 4 digit code. Click release print job, and select the jobs you want to print.

  4. If you still can't print after following all of these steps, restart your computer. This fixes 90% of printing issues.

Other Printer Features

The following guide is designed to help you select various printing options when printing to the Canon
and Ricoh devices throughout the Jenison Public Schools district. In the past, the work process was to
print a set of documents at a printer, and then go to the copier and make the sets for the class with any
features you may want, such as two-sided printing, stapling and punching.

Going forward you can print sets of documents to the large multifunction printers such as the Canon
8595 and Ricoh 7503 systems with those options selected as part of the print job – a real time saver!

Another great time-saving tip is to learn to use presets in your print dialog window.

See the attached PDF for more info!

6.3. Selecting the Default Paper Tray on the Ricoh SP5300 Printer

See attached

6.4. Printing from Newsela


1. Save/Download the pdf
2. Click the ^ near the download and click 'open in finder'
3. In the Finder window, right click (hold control and click) on the file and open with Adobe Reader
4. Once the file opens in Reader... File --> Print --> Advanced
5. In the Advanced window click 'Print As Image' and you are good to print


1. Save/Download the pdf
2. Go to your downloads folder in finder
3. Right click the file (hold control and click), open with 'other' and then select Adobe Reader
4. Once the file opens in Reader... File --> Print --> Advanced
5. In the Advanced window click 'Print As Image' and you are good to print

7. Room AV Equipment & Phone

7.1. IPEVO Firmware Update

If you are having issues with the IPEVO Document Camera switching between itself and the camera on your laptop, updating the firmware may resolve the issue. Download the PDF on this page and carefully follow the instructions on the PDF in order to upgrade the firmware on your IPEVO document camera.

7.2. Phone System User Guide

See attached for the Phone System User Guide!

7.3. Tech Shelf Instructions

Instructions for working with your tech shelf!

7.4. Green/Pink Screen or Flickering?

When your projector/TV is flickering, or displaying a green/pink tint, this usually means there is an issue with an HDMI connection. Find your switcher, unplug all of the cables, then plug them back in where they were. If this doesn't fix it, unplug and replug the HDMI from the source device (Apple TV, Computer, etc.).

If the above does not work, there may be a faulty piece of equipment. Create a help request and we'll assist you.

8. Substitute Machines

8.1. Chromebooks

Chromebook Sub Instructions

8.2. MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro Sub Instructions

8.3. Kids First Tech Setup Guide

See file attached.

9. Youtube Channel


How to import your Chrome Bookmarks

How to import your FireFox Bookmarks

How to import your Safari Bookmarks

9.2. Finder Tips

Finder Tip #1

Finder Tip #2

10. Website

10.1. Updating your profile page on the New JPS Website

Updating Your Profile Page on the New JPS Website

Each JPS professional staff member has a personal profile page that is part of the JPS website that will be unveiled to the public. This handout has the steps necessary for you to login to your account and update your profile page.

See attached for instructions on how to do this!

If you would like to update your webpage please create a ticket indicating your interest in doing so.   We currently have the system off for most staff members due to an ADA violation.

Do not:

  • Post a PDF or other documents on your page
  • Post images (besides your ID photo)
  • Embed media

If you want files on your page, please make a support ticket so we can make them ADA compliant first.

10.2. Guidelines for ADA posting

Use Helpful and Clear Page Titles 

      • A page title is what users see in the very top bar of the web browser. 
      • A good web page title tells users what the page is about without needing to read more. 
      • This lets users quickly understand if they are on the right page.

    Present Content in Meaningful Order 

        • Heading 1-required on all pages -use as main title of page content 
        • Use headings to organize content in logical sequence 
        • Break up content with subheadings (Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.) for new sections. 
        • Do not skip headings 
        • o If using tables to convey meaning, make sure to use: 
          • Caption tag 
          • Table Headers <th> and scope attribute 

    Use Descriptive and Unique Link Names 

        • Make sure that the link text properly describes the link destination. 
        • click here is not descriptive, and is ineffective for a screen reader user 
        • Appropriate Link Names Monthly Newsletter Spelling List Homework Assignment 
        • Provide Text Alternatives for Non-Text Content 
        • o For pictures, graphics -include Alternative Text 
          • Alternative (or 'alt') text is a written replacement for an image, not an addition to it . Ask yourself: what does the picture convey? 
          • If picture is purely decorative (conveys no meaning), Alternative Text can be blank, but the alt-text tag must be present (i.e. alt= "" ) 
        • For audio files -include a transcript of the audio 
        • For video files -include both a transcript and add captions to the video 
        • Text Contrast for easy reading 
        • Contrast ratio between your text and background is at least 4.5:1 
        • Color Contrast Ratio Calculator (http ://www.msfw.com/Services/ContrastRatioCalculator) 

    Uploaded Documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) must be accessible 

        • Add a title to your Word document 
        • Include alternative text for images in document 
        • Outline content using "Headings" 
        • Check Word documents using the built-in accessibility checker before saving as a PDF 
        • If document can't be made to be accessible, provide the content in another manner